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DressUp Chi-Chi Game
DressUp Chi-Chi Game   DressUp Chi-Chi Game

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DressUp Chi-Chi

DressUp Chi-Chi is an arcade game on in which you help the girl in the screen to select clothes. The girl has already taken a bath and there?s only a blue bath towel cover on her body and her black hair was tied by a blue headband. Your mission is to choose pajamas for her. There are plenty of beautiful kinds of pajamas and kerchiefs, stocks you can choose, sexy skirt, colorful underwear and trousers. Check the three drawers in the cabinet by the wall, you can find contact lenses there which have two colors, green and blue. Use them to make the girl?s big eyes more beautiful. There?s a pair of X-ray glasses in the second drawer of the cabinet two mirrors and taps above the cupboard. Hope you enjoy yourself.

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